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Established in 2005, Enterprise Sports Group (ESG) is Singapore’s first home-grown and leading sports marketing, workplace health marketing and events management specialist.
About ESG 2


To achieve the highest standards in empowering companies to engage, improve employees’ well-being, and enhance productivity. ESG Wellness Series is dedicated to elevating the physical, mental, and financial literacy of working professionals.


To become the most valued corporate health and wellness partner for all our clients. The ESG Wellness Series envisions being at the forefront of corporate well-being, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

ESG Wellness Series Goals

Empower companies to engage, improve employees' well-being and productivity

Improve working professionals' physical, mental, and financial literacy

Who We Are



  • Sports Marketing & Mega Events Management Specialist like Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (50,000 runners), Great Eastern Women 10k (15,000+), Cold Storage Kids Run (15,000).

  • Workplace Health Promotion & Marketing Specialist-appointed by Health Promotion Board for the National Steps Corporate Challenge, where ESG recruited a record 60% increase in participation and worked closely with 1,100+ companies and 160,000+ staff.

  • Virtual Events Management Specialist-organized 50+ virtual events for 10,000+ delegates.


  • Virtual Events Management 

  • Virtual Health & Financial Talks 

  • FREE On-site Health Screening

  • FREE On-site Health & Financial Talks

  • Employee Benefits 

  • FREE Gamification & Rewards

Our Story


ESG Wellness Series Goals

  1. Empower companies to engage, improve employees' well-being and productivity

  2. Improve working professionals' physical, mental, and financial literacy

Our Offerings

FREE Virtual Talks


FREE Corporate Health Screening


FREE On-Site Talks


Corporate Discounts

Right Holders

Cancer Survivor & Discus King - James Wong.

Find out the importance of regular health screening through 10 times SEA Games Gold Medalist - James Wong through his battle against cancer. 

Importance of Selecting the Right Health Screening Package.

Hear from Dr Raymond Yap, Medical Director, why selecting the right health screening package is crucial and how it affects you. 

ESG Wellness Series.

The ESG Virtual Wellness Series brings together a community of over 700,00 employees from some 700 companies on one common mission - to improve health literacy and employee health through a Series of monthly live virtual medical talks presented by medical doctors.

Looking for FREE & NEW ways to engage and improve the well-being of your hybrid workforce in your company?

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